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Beware burn-in and think about the long haul
— Medium, April 2020

This moment is making leaders of people
— Pioneers’ Post, March 2020

What have I learned now, after a year as an Obama Fellow?
— Medium, June 2019

What did I learn on my first week as an Obama Fellow?
— Medium, June 2018

I’m sorry. I’ve been burning out
— Nesta, April, 2018

The Cares Family: 6 lessons on scaling
— Nesta, February 2018


Intergenerational solidarity in the coronavirus era
— Relationships Project, May, 2020

Love thy neighbour: how do we ensure the bonds of community built up through the crisis persist beyond it?
— Our Other National Debt, May 2020

Community connections across generations
— On London, May 2020

Keynote: ‘Disconnection in a connected age’ and how we overcome it to live happier, healthier lives
— UK Active, September 2019

We need an honest national narrative to end our disconnection crisisMedium, June 2019

Longevity is a privilege of the wealthy. In the debate on ageing, it’s time to talk about class
— Medium, March 2020

Smells like community spirit
— Reasons to be Cheerful, August 2020

Building a sense of community
— Medium, May 2018

What does it take to improve a place?
— Renaisi, April 2018

Technology, time — and how we can all improve connection
— Reaction, September 2017

The generation gap, and how we bridge it
— The Guardian, September 2017

A shared future — why young and old have so much to gain from one another
— Social integration pamphlet, January 2017

Brexit, Trump — and disconnection in a connected age
— Medium, November 2016

Community voices: why we choose the words we use
— South London Cares, April 2016

The Connecting State — updating welfare for the 21st century
— Demos, July 2015

When was the last time you had a moment’s pause?
— North London Cares, May 2015


It’s time to get creative in how we tackle loneliness during coronavirus outbreak
— Huffington Post, March 2020

The US needs a Secretary of Loneliness
— The Hill, October 2019

For many, summer is a time of loneliness not celebration
— Huffington Post, July 2018

The opposite of loneliness is togetherness
— Medium, March 2019

We can all combat loneliness by stepping outside our generation
— Medium, December 2016

Why our older neighbours matter
— KentishTowner, December 2015

Let’s end loneliness, for young and old
— North London Cares, November 2014

Loneliness kills. We can easily arrest it
— The Times, February 2014

Can technology help us support the ageing population?
— Guardian, May 2012


‘I feel imprisoned’: why loneliness won’t be solved by national planners
The Guardian, May 2020

Loneliness is a national crisis. But there is a way to tackle it
— The Guardian, February, 2020

Neighbours can impact your happiness
— Chicago Tribune, November 2019

Loneliness is a serious public health problem
— The Economist, August 2018

Crossing the age divide: The Real Story
—BBC World Service, April 2018

Meet the street
— The Guardian, February 2016

Inside Out London
— BBC1, September 2015

Ich Bin KentishTowner
— KentishTowner, September 2012

Sky News
— January 2010


Andy Burnham
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Oona King
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